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Beyond the Groom, What PuppyDo Transformations has to offer:

  • Quieter Environment than Corporate or High Volume Salons

  • Focus on building lasting relationships with your pet to create a family like environment

  • Individualized handling techniques based on pet’s temperament and confidence level.

  • Certified Pet Groomer on staff (International Professional Groomers, Inc.)

  • Certified Pet Aesthetician on staff (IV San Bernard)

  • Knowledge of pet hair and skin based on science

  • Customized Skin and Hair Care based on breed and coat type

  • Luxury Line Products

  • Customized Hydration Conditioning with Every bath

  • Individualized drying techniques most suited for your pet’s comfort level

Nagayu CO2 Hydrotherapy

Nagayu CO2 Hydrotherapy

Developed for medical treatment for physical rehabilitation purposes, the power of CO2 hydrotherapy provides cleansing results while promoting circulatory and self-healing benefits. 

Used for itchiness, dryness, hot spots, bug bites, dandruff, flaky skin, hair loss and enhancing the immune system.

Hydration Body Wraps & Oils Therapy

Hydration Body Wrap:

Make your PuppyDo feel special with a skin and coat detox. Your pet will joy in the comfort of our special detoxifying masks. We use our signature Iv San Bernard Fruit of the Groomer PEKs mixed with Ginkgo Oil to provide a detoxifying effect plus benefits of sebum balancing, anti-hair loss, anti-stress, restructuring, vitamin rich repairing and nourishing.

Oils Therapy:

We take the finest imported Ginkgo Oil, Ozonized Olive Oil, Oligo (mineral) Elements oils and collagen and add it to your pet’s bathing regime as well as mist it to your pet’s skin and coat to help protect against drying effects that cause itching.

Creative Color, Feathers, Tinsel & Glamour Beads

Set your PuppyDo apart by adding some bling to their pampering. 

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