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About Certified Pet Aestheticians

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What is a Certified Pet Aesthetician?

What makes Certified Pet Aestheticians unique?


Certified Pet Aestheticians undergo training to recognize skin issues. We are taught methods to help combat those issues by using husbandry techniques that replenish and rejuvenate the skin and hair.

Due to our training, we are more likely to recognize issues at the beginning stages of skin and hair issues and are able to recommend skin care based on those observations.

Certified Pet Aestheticians specialize in skin therapy services such as:

  • Allergy Treatments 

  • Itching and Scratching Relief

  • Hair Re-Growth

  • Treatment of Fungal Issues

  • Safe and Effective Parasite Treatment

  • Hot Spot Treatments  

  • Treatment of Bacterial Infections

  • Shedding Management


​A Certified Pet Aesthetician has gone through extensive training including learning The Science of Skin as well as applications in a hands-on environment.


Due to the study of The Science of Skin, Certified Pet Aestheticians understand the different needs of coat types and can adjust the bathing process to supply the proper nutrients to the coat. On a proper bathing schedule, these individualized adjustments will create healthier, shinier, and more balanced skin and hair.

Students in the Certified Pet Aesthetician program are required to finish their certification at Animal Health Services Surgical and Diagnostic Center in Cave Creek, AZ. They prove their skills while working in the therapeutic spa under the supervision of a Master Groomer and Veterinarian. After passing an in-depth written test, the groomer is recognized as a Certified Pet Aesthetician.


This process takes several months of hands-on training in order to be eligible to take the final exam. We strive to learn as much as possible in order to be the best.


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